Driving advice, from those who spend their days on the road!

Did you know you can give special compliments to Uber driver-partners each time you hop on a ride? The Uber app lets you compliment drivers on a varied set of skills, ranging from cleanliness of the vehicle to amenities provided.

In March, we had the chance to meet over 60 Uber partners during a special event for drivers who received high numbers of “Entertaining Driver” compliments.

We wondered, how are these drivers so successful at sharing the road with others, and sharing their car with passengers? Since they spend so much time behind the wheel, we quizzed them on driving habits and asked for tips. Discover them below!

Communication while driving

Within a car, it’s easy to feel as if we’re in our own little bubble, cut out from the world. But it isn’t so! We are sharing the road with millions of vehicles across Canada. One of the main problems is communications, as pointed out by the partners interviewed:

“My safety tip would be to turn the hazard lights on when needed… people forget about them, but it’s so important” -Vincent, Uber partner for 2 years.

“Be more careful when you drive, and that means using your car’s turn signals properly to inform people behind you. If they don’t know where you are going, it can cause an accident” -Raoul, Uber partner for 1 year.

“Because people don’t signal, we always have to anticipate; trying to guess what their next move will be. This is not easy!” –Michel, Uber partner for 2.5 years

How do we turn this around?

-Signal properly when you are driving! Slowing down, stopping and turning should always be clear to those around you.

-Listen to the road! Frequently review road signs to make sure you are familiar with all signs.

-Maintain safe distance between vehicles to make sure you have enough time to anticipate

-Understand the challenges large vehicles face and be more aware when sharing the road with them

Respecting traffic law

This might seem like a given. Unfortunately too many drivers feel that traffic laws don’t apply to them. Distracted driving, speeding… Uber partners have seen a lot:

“You need to respect the laws of the road, abide by the rules. People drive too fast in general” Basil, Uber partner for 7 months.

“I see some people talk on the phone, texting… they don’t pay attention and they’re in their own distracted bubble. This doesn’t respect traffic laws, it’s dangerous!” – Michel, Uber partner for 2.5 years.

“Some people should be in control of their vehicle, yet they let their car control them! You need to have a 360 degrees awareness of your surroundings, be focused and use your head!” – Hovan, Uber partner for 1.5 years.

“Always be more careful during winter!” Nourredine, Uber partner for 4 years.

How do we turn this around?

-Stay within speed limits, and make sure you follow the ones set for the type of road you are driving on;

-Have safe winter driving habits;

-Make sure you avoid distracted driving.

Happy, kind and more patient!

But it seems to boil down to simple things: positive attitude and respect. These Uber driver-partners knew much about it, since they practice it with riders and other drivers! Why do we stress, rush, get angry or forget our manners on the road? It definitely doesn’t make us better drivers or make it easier on others. Here are great words of wisdom:

“If you’re in a good mood driving, you’re more patient to people around you” -Vincent, Uber partner for 2 years.

“Be nice to other drivers, be kind, have empathy! What makes me happy is to make other people happy. We should have lots of respect for everybody. Try to be positive, inside and outside cars” –Raoul, Uber partner for 1 year.

“We should always aim at being more courteous, yield to others when needed… we all share the road! We need to be respectful, not hold grudges. Drive peacefully!” –Nourredine, Uber partner for 4 years.


Sharing the road is not easy, but the key seems to be communication, following traffic laws and keeping a positive and zen attitude!

We were happy to exchange with Uber partners and have a chance to hear their tips. Watch the quick recap of this amazing event:

Have a safe drive!

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