Test your knowledge of home insurance!


  1. Unlike auto insurance, you are not legally required to carry home insurance.TRUE
    It is not mandatory under the law to carry home insurance. However, before giving you a mortgage, most banks require the property you are buying to be insured.
  2. All forms of water damage that your home may sustain are automatically covered by your home insurance policy.FALSE
    As a rule, a basic home insurance policy covers the most common types of water damage (a leak from a washing machine, a tap left running, etc. ). To protect yourself from incidents such as a sewer backup, additional coverage can be added to your policy.
  3. When you do renovations it’s always a good idea to advise your insurer.TRUE
    Renovating a kitchen, adding a garage, finishing a basement – all such projects can increase the reconstruction value of your property. You should keep your insurer informed to make sure you continue to have sufficient coverage.
  4. If you are a tenant, you aren’t obliged to carry home insurance to protect your personal belongings in the event of loss or damage since your landlord is insured.FALSE
    As a tenant-occupant, you must carry insurance if you want to protect the belongings in your apartment and also to benefit from civil liability coverage, which will prove very useful if you are liable for any damages caused unintentionally to a third party.
  5. Belongings that are stolen from your car are covered by your home insurance policy.TRUE
    Your home insurance covers the theft of belongings from your car as per the terms of your policy.
  6. There are few ways to reduce your home insurance premium.FALSE
    To save on your home insurance, you can, for instance, opt for a higher deductible, combine your home and auto insurance, or install a burglar or fire-alarm system. Your insurer can suggest other ways of reducing your premium.

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