Teenagers and Car Insurance

Have you ever wondered what having a teenager at home means for insurance? Teacher Marie-France Dubuc has a 13-year-old daughter and wondered, “Are we insured on the 3rd iPod she broke this month?” Oh those adolescent growth spurts can sure make for some frustrating and clumsy accidents, as well as an interesting phase of parenting you might have never imagined.

Here are some other questions parents might want to ask themselves when it comes to car insurance and their young adults.

  • When do I need to get car insurance for my son or daughter?
  • How can I keep the premiums low?
  • Can my teenager’s car insurance be in my name?
  • Can my teens get their own insurance?

Having adequate insurance coverage can simplify life in many respects, and, at the end of the day, the best way to get optimum and affordable coverage for your specific needs is to have a talk with one of belairdirect’s Certified Insurance Agents. This way, you’ll be certain that all your family bases are covered and maintained.

belairdirect offers a vast range of insurance products, and you can save some money by combining car insurance with your home insurance. Students as well are able to get cool discounts.

Let’s face it. Added accidents and stuff breaking are part of what it means to live with teenagers in all their awkwardness, but remember, they do grow up, and in the future, they just might have their own teens to deal with. And then, finally, they’ll understand.

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