A summer holiday road trip demands a little planning!

To help make this summer’s road trip as stress-free and successful as possible, we’ve compiled some useful tips and guidelines to follow prior to setting out on your summer excursion.


While spontaneously jumping in the car and hitting the road may seem like an appealing idea, you should consider the following items when planning your journey:

  • Where would you like to visit?
  • How long will your trip last?
  • What is your budget for meals, fuel, accommodation and spending money?
  • What do you need to pack for your trip?

Route Planning

Once you have answered the questions above, you can begin to plan your route and itinerary:

  • Map a logical route from start to finish; keeping in mind any roadside stops you’d like to visit, such as the large cowboy statue in Airdrie, Alberta or the Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario.
  • If your journey will take you outside of Canada, you will need a valid passport that doesn’t expire before your return date.
  • If you’re planning on stopping at hotels or campsites along the way, make sure you reserve a room or spot beforehand to ensure you are not left without a place to stay.

Vehicle Preparation

Once you’ve planned your route, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is up-to-date on all maintenance standards set out in the owner’s manual and is operating well. Here are some important elements to consider:

  • Ensure all fluids are at the proper levels and are the correct colour and consistency.
  • Check the hoses and belts for cracks, tears or frays.
  • Ensure your tires, including your spare, are properly inflated and the tread is not worn down.
  • Check that your battery’s leads are tight and the terminals are corrosion-free.
  • Take your car for a test drive to spot any trouble signs.
    • Listen for noises, feel for shakes and keep your eye on the gauges.
  • Test your lights, windshield wipers and other electrical equipment.

When prepping your vehicle, it is also important to ensure that your ownership tags, licensing and insurance policy are valid, up-to-date and sufficient for your travel plans.

Contingency Plans

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. In the event that you have an accident, get a flat tire, or get stranded somewhere during your trip, here are some items that can help you through:

  • Bring a cell phone and charger. You never know when you’ll need to call for assistance.
  • Bring an emergency and first aid kit.
  • Keep some essentials such as bottled water and granola bars in the car.
  • If you’re using a GPS system, it’s a good idea to bring a current map as a back-up.
  • Ensure you have your insurance documents and all key contact numbers.

If you have taken these measures into consideration, you’ve earned the right to a stress-free road trip. Through belairdirect, we can help you get the coverage you need to feel protected while travelling the open road.

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