Leaving your home for a trip, which scenario would you pick?

We all want an exciting life. But sometimes, simpler is better… especially when it comes to insurance! Action-packed situations in the realm of insurance often result in claims, and we try to avoid them as much as we can. How? By listening to simple advice from a trusted insurer and using prevention to our advantage.

After all, simplicity is the best policy! Discover a situation where two paths were offered, with very different sets of consequences.

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Val and Matt recently moved to be closer to Matt’s parents, Steve and Carole. When they bought their home sweet home last year, they skipped their annual vacation, but this year they’re treating themselves. Tomorrow morning, they leave to Mexico for ten days to truly leave it all behind, relax and enjoy their time together. Carole calls to wish them “bon voyage” and offer her ten cents.

She helpfully suggests they pay attention to what they eat, avoid strolling at night, hide their passports in their underwear and so on. She also offers to pass by and pick up their mail, keep the front door clear and make sure the doors and windows are closed and locked to stop thieves in their tracks.

Val tries to keep from laughing and tells her mother-in-law, “thanks, but it’s really not necessary.“


Scenario 1:

Val and Matt leave the next morning, following the same routines as when they go to work. They see their neighbour as they leave the house and mention through the hedge that they’re leaving the country for ten days. They also post a nice selfie a and share it publicly on Facebook to celebrate their imminent departure from their home.

After ten relaxing days in the sun, Val and Matt land at the airport at 7:45 in the evening and arrive home at almost 10 pm. Despite the flight, they’re in a good mood and fine shape.

Upon first look, the house seems completely normal, aside from the mail that overflows the mailbox and the cluttered doorstep. But on the inside, a nasty surprise awaits. Their home is a complete mess, and the television, computers and ski equipment are just a few of things that are gone. Matt does a tour of the rooms and Val runs upstairs. The jewelry box that her grandmother gave her is open on the bed—and completely empty. A window in the basement was forced open: that’s how the thieves broke in.

They immediately call their insurance company. The agent on the telephone listens carefully and guides them, advising them to contact the police and offering to send a team to help secure their home. The agent asks if they had made an inventory of their belongings, but unfortunately, Val and Matt had never really made it a priority. With the new home and community, they just never got around to such a tedious chore.


Scenario 2:

Val and Matt leave the next morning. They’ve hidden their valuable objects well and installed light timers indoors. They have also secured their windows, making it harder for thieves to force them. They arm their alarm system and head out, running into their neighbours and thanking them discreetly for agreeing to keep the front door clear, pick up their mail and use their garbage bins during their absence.

Following the advice of their insurer, they had made an inventory of their belongings a few months prior. They did it gradually room by room, taking photos along the way. They leave with peace of mind, knowing that if something happens, their insurance company will be there to help and they’ll have everything at hand to settle things quickly.

After ten days in the sun, Val and Matt land at the airport at 7:45 in the evening and arrive home at almost 10 pm. Val can’t wait to post their album of travel photos on Facebook now that they’re back. Despite the flight, they’re in a good mood and fine shape. It really did them well to leave it all behind, relax in the sun and enjoy margaritas in the evening. All the same, they’re pleased to be back at home to sleep in their own bed.

After calling Carole to tell her they’re back safe and sound, they go to bed to be in good shape for work the next day.

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