Cottage Life simplified: DIY pallet Bench

When we think of our garden or patio in the summer, we see a place where we can relax and enjoy the warm weather. But patio furniture can be expensive… are there alternatives? YES! Here’s a simple and cheap way to create benches from pallets!

Turning everyday things into creative new objects has never been more simple thanks to Adam Holman from Cottage Life, as he drums up some quirky and fun DIY projects that you can easily do. Here’s his creation, a DIY pallet bench! 

Material List:


Wood Strapping


3 inch screws

2 inch screws

Sandpaper 100 grit

Foam or mattress

Table and couch decor


Step 1:

Pick up some old pallets (I used 8)


Step 2:

Lay out 4 as your couch base


Step 3:

Use 2 as your couch back


Step 4:

*OPTION* use 2 for a coffee table!


Step 5:

Use 3 inch screws to tack pallets together


Step 6:

Cut 2×4’s to close any large gaps in the pallets and add support


Step 7:

Sand any rough surfaces


Step 8:

Add wood strapping as arms/end pieces


Step 9:

Find and cut foam to fit bench


Step 10:

Add cushions and decor for comfort!



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