Cottage Life simplified: DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

Turning everyday things into creative new objects has never been more simple thanks to Adam Holman from Cottage Life, as he drums up some quirky and fun DIY projects that you can easily do. Here’s his fourth creation, a DIY outdoor movie screen! 


Material List:

Grommets 25-40

White cloth

Zip ties

ABS cement

1 x 4-way connector

2 x 90-degree connectors

8 x T-connectors

4 x end caps

6 x 3-foot ABS

12 x 2-foot ABS

Nylon rope and steaks (optional)

Popcorn (must have)



Step 1:

Cut 1 1/2 ABS pipes to 3 feet x 6 (Frame)


Step 2:

Cut 1 1/2 ABS pipes to 2 feet x 6 (Frame)


Step 3:

Using a file, clean up your ends so they aren’t sharp


Step 4:

Take a piece of sand paper and rough up your ends before you glue them


Step 5:

Rough up your connectors where they will connect to the pipes


Step 6:

Cut 1 1/2 ABS Pipe to 2 feet x 6 (Stand)


Step 7:

Follow steps 4 and 5 – rough up all connecting points


Step 8:

Lay out and rough the frame together before gluing


Step 9:

Make sure surface is flat, glue frame and stand connections


Step 10:

Cut fabric to fit screen size


Step 11:

Use grommet kit and zip ties to pull cloth against frame


Step 12:

Attach stands


Step 13:

Use nylon rope and tent pegs if windy


Step 14:

Make popcorn and enjoy!

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