Cottage Life simplified: DIY Bucket Table Video

Turning everyday things into creative new objects has never been more simple thanks to Adam Holman from Cottage Life, as he drums up some quirky and fun DIY projects that you can easily do. Here’s his third creation, a DIY bucket table! 



1 Large tin Bucket

2×4 Pressure Treated wood X10

3 inch Deck Screws

Wood Glue





Step 1:

Find an old bucket


Step 2:

Cut 2×4’s to 48 inches (will change depending on bucket size)


Step 3:

Connecting the boards – mark centre point, also mark 5 inches to the left/right


Step 4:

Mark halfway on drill bit with tape and drill half way


Step 5:

Add bead of wood glue to edge and massage back and forth


Step 6:

Mark halfway on screw bit with tape, screw 3-inch deck screws into holes


Step 7:

Continue until desired size. (Tip: mark previous screws to stay clear)


LET DRY for 24h


Step 8:

Measure bucket and overhang to determine cut length (Mine 32/2 = 16)


Step 9:

Draw X from corner to corner of table top and put small screw in centre


Step 10:

Measure 16 inches all the way around from centre screw


Step 11:

TIP attach small piece of string to connect-the-dots


Step 12:

Cut circle, (TIP cut off large pieces so extra weight isn’t hanging from sides)


Step 13:

Use 100 grit sand paper to smooth the edges


Step 14:

Enjoy Table! (TIP: fill bucket with ice to keep beverages cold)

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