DIY Bowling Lane – Summer simplified

How do you make summer last longer? Building a fun DIY project in your backyard could do the trick!

Here’s a DIY Bowling lane, part of our Summer simplified series with Cottage life!




You will need: 4×8 sheet of plywood cut in half, 150 grit sandpaper, 3x 2x4x8, 2x 2x6x8, paint, long screws for pocket holes (2’), short screws for alley board (8×1 ¼) wood filler, lacquer, pins and ball


Cut 4×8 plywood into 2×8 length

Sand finished side with 150 grit sandpaper

Cut 2×4’s to exact measurements of board for base

Paint 2×4’s with a bright colour! (2 coats)

Cut 2x 2×6’s to 3 foot length

Cut 1x 2×6 at 2 foot length

Round front edge with something circular, keep it simple

Paint 2×6’s (2 coats)

Drill Pocket Holes to connect base together

Place plywood on top, predrill and countersink screws (8×1 ¼)

Use Plug Cutter to hide holes

Add details, Arrows and Pin markers

Screw together backboard with pocket holes

Fill holes with Wood Filler, sand and re-paint

Apply a few coats of lacquer for a nice shine

Bowl a Strike!



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