Cleaning goes minimalist

A new year will soon be upon us, and with it the urge to declutter! While most of us are content to scrub our homes from top to bottom, others go to greater lengths to purge superfluous stuff.  Here we look at three methods of eliminating unwanted clutter: are you brave enough to try one?

The KonMari method

The KonMari method was devised by Marie Kondo and popularized in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up which sold more than a million copies in the author’s native Japan. Her method involves getting rid of things you don’t need and putting away as many items as possible in drawers using a special folding technique.  After that it’s a matter of avoiding clutter. The method is inspired by Japanese Zen principles. Although some people find it a little brutal at the beginning, others swear by the feeling of liberation that comes from discarding things they no longer want.

The minimalists 

The minimalists is a blog launched by two Americans who wanted to make room in their lives by jettisoning junk. Their site abounds with useful tips on how to dispose of useless belongings to create a more Zen-like home and how to take the time to appreciate life’s small pleasures. Be forewarned: they don’t always mince words, so those who prefer lacier language might want to abstain!

Project 333

Developed by Courtney Carver in the U.S., Project 333 aims to help you reduce your wardrobe to 33 articles for three months. That includes shoes, clothes, jewellery and outerwear (if you try this during a Canadian winter you clearly deserve an exemption for outdoor apparel!). Carver recommends the “be more with less” approach which involves various steps to pare down the stuff your home and even your car.

Although most of these methods are based on common sense and a strict system of sorting and prioritizing, most also seek to help ease your mind and ultimately live better. Does it work? Why not give it a try? And by all means tell us about your experiences with decluttering or minimalism!



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