Insurance made easy: how the belairdirect app simplifies your life

The weekend is a great time to catch up on reading, visit family, have a relaxing brunch with friends – or fill out extensive insurance claims. Well, certainly not the latter! When it comes to insurance, simpler is always better. With this in mind, we set off on a mission to create the most user-friendly insurance app to make managing insurance claims and accessing information easy and efficient. Welcome to the belairdirect app!

Insurance documents, at your fingertips

Where do you store your insurance documents? Now, you no longer need to worry about misplacing or losing those papers.

We have integrated a solution into our app: a virtual space that secures and stores all your important insurance documents in your smartphone for whenever and wherever you may need them.

“We knew this app needed to have a simple and easy way to access your insurance documents, so we created a widget that is displayed on your smartphone’s home screen,” says Raoul Flaminzeanu, manager of mobile applications. With this widget, you’ll be able to access your information at all times.

To download and try the belairdirect app today in the App Store, click here. In Google Play, click here.

On-the-spot claims

If you get exhausted even thinking about submitting an insurance claim, you no longer need to worry. Our app offers an option to file a claim on the spot – in less than five minutes.

Accident Assist is one of the app’s most unique features, as it gives you directions and support in the event of an accident. It also guides you filling out all the needed information right after having an accident through a new “type-free” method – for an accident is not the best time to be typing away. So how does it work?

The app prompts you to take photos of driver’s licenses, license plates, car damage, and anything else that can be used in your claim. While you do this, the app’s geo-locating technology tracks the location of the accident. It’s just like an expert guiding you through a stressful time, because we know you need help when accidents happen! It’s that simple.

Instant support, 24/7 

Of course, our claims service has always been available for our customers 24/7. Now, with the new mobile app, you experience instant support like never before.

You can contact a belairdirect agent without having to search for a phone number, in just one click. The app’s contact button instantly connects you by phone with our team.

Claim tracking

Claim tracking has never made anyone’s top ten favourite activities list…We’re there to help you get back on your feet, so we aimed at informing you swiftly about the progression of a claim. With this app, our development team took on this goal, and made sure the feature met customers’ needs.

“Since creating this tool for clients to track their open claims, we’ve seen an increase in app users,” says Raoul Flaminzeanu. it’s that useful! It gives you access to your ongoing claims and allows you to track their resolution, while it also gives you the ability to contact your insurance adjuster directly through the app. This process can now take under a minute…without bragging, we’d call this life changing!

Constant updates

We created this app with you in mind. Our teams tested the app, re-tested it and tested it again, while turning to customer feedback to find the perfect solution for those who want top-of-the-line service, without having to compromise.

This was the first step, and our team is constantly brainstorming state-of-the-art ideas, and new useful features are bound to be added.  Download the app and we’ll keep you posted on those new tools and keep providing unmatched support to make your insurance experience a breeze.

To download and try the belairdirect app today in the App Store, click here.

To download and try the belairdirect app today in Google Play, click here.

Share your feedback and ideas in our Comments section below to help us out!

Important to note, features on our app may vary depending on your province of residence, please visit the appropriate pages on our website for more information.

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