A few tips on preparing for the arrival of spring

Sure, it’s the middle of winter, but somewhere spring is waiting around the corner. In anticipation, some of us are beginning to make to-do lists: change the tires, spruce up the house, and so on. Perhaps this year you could also add: make an inventory of my property and protect my home from water damage. A few simple spring cleaning tips like these can add peace of mind to your life so that you can enjoy the spring even more.

Changing your winter tires for summer tires

Officially, March 15 is when you can first replace your winter tires. However, some experts agree that changing too early can be a bad idea—and perhaps even dangerous. At temperatures below 7 °C the rubber of all-season or summer tires starts to lose its effectiveness. This process accelerates when it drops to -7 °C, while the rubber of winter tires begins to lose its elasticity at only -40 °C. It may be a good idea to wait until the roads are dry and the temperature is stable above 7 degrees before changing over.

Preparing for driving in the spring

Once the snow melts, it reveals potholes in the roads and debris scattered all over the place— in both the city and country. Even if you know a particular road by heart, be careful once the seasons’ change. When the sun begins to shine, bikes and animals also make their appearance on the road, so you have to get used to sharing the road with them again. Drive slower and keep to a safe distance at all times. And don’t forget about rain! Showers are part of every spring in Canada, so a bit of vigilance and respect for speed limits can prevent accidents.

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Protecting the house from water damage

Melting snow can cause a lot of trouble. In fact, water damage is the main cause of home insurance claims. Signs of a possible problem include the smell of mould, puddles in the basement or moisture marks on the walls. Check that your sump pump works well; if not, have it repaired. If you don’t have one, consider getting one.

To avoid problems, remove the snow around your home’s exterior walls and move it to a place where it can melt and flow away from the foundation. Also, make sure that your downspouts extend at least two metres so that they drain away from your foundation.

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Car and home spring cleaning

It’s a wonderful feeling once the winter has disappeared to return to a clean and organized house or vehicle. You’ll want to start your spring cleaning by emptying your car out completely. This includes the glove box, under the seats and in the trunk. Vacuum every corner, clean the mirrors and then put only essential items and documents back in the car. More ideas can be found in this piece about getting your car clean!

Some say the state of our home represents our mental state. For example, followers of the KonMari method think it’s important to get rid of any superfluous object in the house. By keeping just the essentials, we make extra room as well in our head. You can express this zen attitude yourself by editing your wardrobe, books and even kitchen utensils and bringing what you no longer wear to charity.

Making an inventory

Only 33% of Canadians take inventory of their property, yet this exercise can save you time and money in the event of a disaster. Tips and tools can help you take note of all your property and its value, for which, by the way, you should list the retail price and not the original cost. Remember to save your list in two different places. Keep a paper copy at home and another elsewhere, such as a friend’s place or at the office. If you’ve lived in the same place for years, it may take a bit of time, but you’ll definitely be relieved to have a complete list if disaster ever strikes.

Spring is the season of renewal. These tips can help you avoid many problems before they occur to take advantage of your spring!

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