When we talk about seismic activity in Canada, British Columbia tends to be regarded as the most earthquake-prone part of the country. But the Montreal area and Eastern Ontario come in at a close second for risk of earthquakes.


Before putting away your motorcycle, ATV or RV for the winter, cleaning and maintenance are essential if you want to hit the road again right after the first thaw. Here’s some advice! 

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Pitching in to promote safety and prevent accidents is a natural fit for belairdirect. Learn more about the projects we’re involved in!

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A Road Trip Across USA

It’s time to plan your vacation and you’re finally doing something you’ve always dreamed about—a road trip across the United States. You’ve planned the itinerary, made your reservations and even created a...

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Since the arrival of smart phones, one thing is clear, driving and texting don’t mix.


You get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Still half asleep, you slip in a puddle of water. Now you’re wide awake, and with good reason – your roof is leaking!


So you just got your license! You’ve passed the exam and you’re confident because you know the rules. Before you hit the road, do yourself a favour and find out what you probably didn’t learn in driving school.


Fires don’t take a summer break so before you relax in to the smooth pace of having a backyard and dinner parties make sure you avoid the habits that cause most fires in the home.