The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and the grass is beginning to poke through where the snow banks used to be. But not everything is coming up roses just yet. Before you fire up the barbecue and get the lawn mower running, your home needs your attention before you can spring into summer footloose and fancy-free.


Sap from maple trees isn’t the only thing that flows freely in spring. Water also streams forth as a result of melting snow and the frequent, often violent storms that occur this time of year.


While the vast majority of claims received by insurance companies are entirely relatable and sensible, some are rather unusual, to say the least! Here are six that really stand out.


belairdirect is built on innovation and inspired by the diverse needs of our clients across Quebec and Ontario. And what we’ve discovered over the past 50 years is that what people need most is insurance that is...

Young man in snow with broken down carYoung man in snow with broken down car

If it’s ever happened to you, you know just how stressful a mechanical failure or a car accident can be. But you should also know that having an emergency car kit on hand can be extremely helpful when faced with...